Aces High...Our Offseason Projects

Hey Everyone,
Justin here from Aces High, this is my first post and i am one of the only team members from my team on here. So if you need a connection to us im your guy if you cant find anyone else.
Our offseason has been very busy this year. We have implimented a new team structure and have had more planning. This year students are getting more enthusiastic about everything and will get more done…
Many things have made it onto our new list of stuff to do…
Robot Cart
Battery Charging Station
(thanks for posting the instuctions 571)
More things student built
A Real Masot
New Uniforms

Its a whole team makeover, lol, any ideas on any of those things would be greatly appresiated…

So what have youall been up to anyways?

I’d like to know what your new team structure is like.
It’s interesting to compare notes.

Please send an adult/college mentor to the NEMO workshop on November 6 - we’d love to hear how you re-organized Aces, and would love to share ideas too!

The Thing is it wasn’t an adult that reoranized the team… :rolleyes: it was me, kind off an personal goal… but the team liked it and it was adapted… will atemept to post the stucture eventually…