Acme Threaded Rods and Studs

Acme Threaded Rods and Studs, I know we get one of these in our kit of parts. It’s that really neat screw with almost 0 mu. I am curious, has anyone used it before? Also, where can I get a 3 foot one? Different stores would be nice.

Online catalog page 1051

I checked them, and found them running for about $120 for 6 feet. Plus I could not find the nuts for them. I can’t find another company that sells them. What company makes the one we get in the KOP?

Not sure if you have checked these guys out yet. They supplied the one we have in the kit. Check section 8 (I think) of the manual for detailed info on the lead screw part #.

Try here…

At McMaster Carr, just do a search on “acme nuts”. They have many styles. You must have been looking at an unusual size. Many sizes are fairly inexpensive. MSC has precision acme rod and nuts on pages 3852 & 3853. The rolled acme rod is in a different section.

ENCO has Acme threaded rod and nuts dirt cheap.