Acquiring 120 tooth 9mm HTD belts

Anywhere we can buy some 120 tooth 5mm pitch 9mm width HTD belts?

We bought them for VexPro and they’re currently out of stock and we need to get some for our practice bot.

I believe SDP-SI would have what you’re looking for.

Be warned though - the VEXPro/WCP 9mm HTD belts are actually 8.5mm wide so that two of them can fit on a 15mm wide pulley (that’s in reality 17mm wide). Two SDP-SI 9mm pulleys will be 18mm wide and may not fit on a VEXPro/WCP 15mm wide pulley.

Did you find a suitable replacement for the vexpro belt? The replacements I ordered from B&B manufacturing are 8.9mm too big to fit 2 on a vexpro sprocket. From the calls I’ve made to Gates distributors and others I havent found a replacement that will be closer to 8.5 mm than 9mm

Try stock drive. They carry several 9mm

Stock Drive sold out of 9mm 120 T as well as 6mm 120T. I could have 8.5 specially made but with a lead time of two weeks.

Can you use something slightly longer and then use a tensioner?

Did you call WCproducts or The Robot Place? They sometimes have them even if VEX is out of stock.

Check out Applied Industrial Technologies

On their website they list belts from Speed Control, Inc
In stock
Part #600-5M09
Item#: 7089861
$9.50 each

I have. I found one and purchased it from wcproducts. is able to custom make some 8.5mm width 120 belts for me at 6.50 or so a piece with a 2 day turn around. I’ll post how they work out in case someone else comes looking for the same.

Thanks for the replies!

FYI - we’ll have more of most of our 9mm and 15mm belts back in stock in the next 1-2 weeks. Hopefully closer to the 1 week side of that.



This was a bit of an oversight/late realization on my part, when we next reorder the pulleys for 15mm wide belt they will be sized such that 2x standard 9mm wide belts fit on them.

It was a late idea that RC from WCP had to fit double belts and we solved it by adjusting the tolerance to drop to 8.5mm wide.

As Ricky said, they will be back in stock soon.


We have 120T, 9mm belts - along with a few others of both 9mm and 15mm - back In Stock now.