Acquiring Motors & Gearboxes?


We need to purchase 4 RS775-18V motors and 4 CIM-U-LATOR gearboxes (both found on banebots)…

They’re very integral to our design, however banebots says they may not ship for up to 6 business days, and on top of that it takes up to 4 to get here…

Our question is: do you guys know other distributors of these items or ways we can get them quickly?

Or is any team not using the motors/gearboxes and willing to sell them to us?

Just trying to figure out a way to resolve the issue

  • Always frantic
  • Team 3992.


You can look up the Fisher Price planetary gearboxes. :cool:

We have the gearboxes if you’d like to buy them.


  • Will do


  • That’d be amazing! How many do you have, how fast can you ship them, and how much would you like for them?


  • Team 3992