ACTION REQUIRED: District Championship Payment

Did anyone else get one of these emails this morning? My team is clearly not in districts, we won EI and our dashboard shows we’re fully paid for Detroit, and our robot was crated last night (after an April Fools Day prank by the team captains - they literally unpacked our trailer to remove the robot, which was in the least accessible spot in the trailer, and then packed it back up prior to the team’s unpacking meeting last night, hiding the robot…) and is currently waiting for its scheduled pickup…

There was an issue at HQ and non district teams all over are being registered for DCMPs.

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Also received this email. We’re a regional team, on the waitlist for Houston. I’m assuming a mass email error on FIRST’s part.

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Also received this email, despite having already paid the registration for our DCMP.

this one goes in the spam folder :slight_smile:

Others on our team got it too, and didn’t realize it was a mistake, so I let them know not to panic

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I figured it was something like that, but as there wasn’t a thread about it I wanted to put it out there so other teams that got it wouldn’t panic :slight_smile:


I got the same email, after registering and paying for DCMP yesterday.

I called Accounts Receivable because I knew our check had been processed already. They said 'We’re so sorry, there was an email error, you guys are more than okay."

Seems like if you’re a regional team, delete without care (or hey, come join us at DCMPs! :stuck_out_tongue: )

DCMP-teams whose deadline is this week - just check in with them to be sure. Their staff was lovely when I spoke to them.

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Gee, I was kinda hoping this was for the NYS championship event…

Now they’re just teasing us regional teams who really, really want districts. Is April Fool’s a month long celebration now? :upside_down_face:

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