Activating iMates in Autodesk 2014

Hi, We are new to Autodesk. We have practiced with an older version used for the Autodesk Vex curriculum at the Vex website site here The parts from the library (which are downloaded from the website) when placed as a part have the iMates visible by default. Makes Inventor easier to use (my opinion). I have a some Vex Libraries downloaded from the Vexcad site to ise with AD 2014 but they do not display the iMates. How do I get this to work.


the Electric Sheep

Here is something that you may find helpful

Do you have access to the create iMates tool using the iMate dialog box?

Thank you for the link . Ad yes I have the create iMate I in the Author group.
Thanks again. Will let you know how I make out.

Hello theKeeg,

Do the parts libraries have to be in some special format? As I mentioned earlier I posted that I downloaded the vex cad libraries from tone Vex wiki. They are in a step file format. Can’t get them to work.