Activation Code for Driver Station Update

I’m confused!
I recently attended the NYC FRC Regional and was told that the driver station had to be updated. They gave me the update download and allowed me to continue using the current version of the driver station. Now that I have the download for the update, I cant activate it because there is no activation code.
Please help!

You use the same code you used for your original install at the start of the season that came in the KOP

I think you get 40 days before you have to activate it.

The activation should only be necessary if you want to show a camera feed on the default (LabVIEW) Dashboard.

If you installed the post-Kickoff update and activated it then, the previous license activation is supposed to be found automatically. Just leave the serial number blank.

If you need to view the camera and this is the first time you have updated the Driver Station this season, you will have to provide a LabVIEW serial number. There are two of them in the Spare Parts case if you can’t find the one assigned to your team (it was printed on the LabVIEW envelope in the Kit of Parts). If you use LabVIEW for programming, your serial number can be found on the “About LabVIEW” dialog under the Help menu.

If you don’t need the LabView Updatea and only the driver station updates, then only select the option to install the FRC Utilities Update. It will still ask for the serial number but you can just skip it.