Active FRC Remote Mentorship Programs?

Are there any teams currently running remote mentorship programs? I’m working on forming an FRC team in my university, but I have no way of finding mechanical mentors with FRC experience (that’s the problem with having only 2 teams in a country :rolleyes:).

One of the ideas that we had for preparing the students for the 2018 competition was to host around ~60 hours of off-season workshops followed by a mock kickoff and build season. However, I’m not so sure on which COTS parts to purchase in preparation for this process and for more specific items (for example VEX Pro gearboxes), I’m not sure what the optimal configuration would be for a generic setup.

I know that we’re currently in the middle of competition season, but any help whatsoever would really help us out with this project. Thanks!

IMHO, I would try to get a chassis to drive. For that you would need:

gear boxs
cim motors
motor controllers
roborio, PDP, radio, main breaker, battery, battery connector
driver station that doubles as the programming computer, xbox controller

Our team uses West Coast Drive, which requires 6 wheels. For a test bot, 4 wheels is fine.


If you want I can help you.


Si gustas yo puedo ayudarte, actualmente asesoro a mi equipo de via remota ya que tuve que cambiar de residencia. He apoyado a TECBOT desde el 2010 y esta temporada lo tuve que hacer via remota. El equipo empieza a entrenar a los muchachos desde Agosto en cuestiones de Mecanica, Neumatica Electrica, programacion y negocios. Cada pre-temporada a finales de Octubre les generamos un reto similar al de FRC donde los muchachos aplican lo aprendido y se van familiarizando con la metodologia de FRC. Mas info por email.

Fausto Vazquez

For short term questions, there is the 973 Remote Assistance Mentorship Program (RAMP) and FIRST Help Now.

I would personally recommend a VersaChassis 8wd with a WCP gearbox, so much versatility (Though I wouldn’t bother buying any of the plastic clamping bearing blocks)

I host a summer camp every year where we do something similar. I order two chassis one Andymark and one Drive in a day kit. That way you have a choice of chassis to match what the students choose to build. I than decide which game I want the students to play.Some games are easier to plan for than others for example Aerial Assist you only have to manipulate the ball so less parts anticipation. Games like this year are extremely tricky since there are a variety of items to handle and multiple task. Stronghold is a fun game but we spent our whole camp designing drive trains last year to meet the challenge. We ended up with two custom drive trains and no ball manipulation. Good luck if you want to PM me I can send you my Andymark and Vex orders that I used for the last couple of camps.
For the Drive in a day I did choose two different single speed gearboxes moderately geared and a variety of sprockets to allow for speed manipulation.