Active IRC for FIRST?

I did a google search and found some threads about Tigerbolt, but they were from 2004ish so I wanted to know if it is still active, or if there is another more current IRC channel. Thanks.

I’m not sure I’ve seen an IRC channel running for FIRST in a while. I’d be a great idea to run one in conjunction with a webcasting site. That would be when people are most actively talking.

There is #firstrobotics on freenode, though it’s mostly inactive alumni.


I would love to chill in an active FIRST IRC room. Sometimes I stop by #firstrobotics on freenode, but its stale…like no action in 24 hour period of time.

Let’s revive #firstrobotics then.


The only computer I have online most of the time is my Windows machine, I can’t find a decent, free IRC client for Windows. Last I checked X-Chat and mIRC are both payware for Windows, any suggestions?



As for mIRC, you don’t have to pay for it, you just have to click the option to not pay every time you start it up.

You could always start up putty and use irssi 8).

As for starting the #firstrobotics channel up again, you may not be able to get the operators to hand over control to someone who would be more active. Starting up a new channel would be a better idea if you can’t contact them.

I use PChat, it works pretty well, or you could use Pidgin, which has IRC support now (that I was unaware of until recently…)

As one of the more active ops on #firstrobotics, it’s been brought to my attention that our permissions need updating.

To this end, we are going to be moving. To where is under debate. We are considering several options:

  1. Get FIRST to recognize us as official, thus being able to register the group with Freenode and keep #firstrobotics
  2. Register FIRST Chat (as in and register that group
  3. Move to the topical channel ##firstrobotics
  4. Move to a different network (not a team-run network)

If you have anything to contribute to this discussion, please join #firstrobotics](irc:// or use the web portal.

1 will never happen.

4 seems like the best choice - I recommend synIRC.

So we’ve tentatively decided on moving to #firstchat, after the appropriate group registration. No one present had objections to this.

If you disagree with this decision, please log on and voice your opinion ASAP.