Active processes running on RoboRio


I was wondering how to see the processes running on the RoboRio, similar to “top” on a Linux box or “show processes CPU” on a networking device, etc.

If we need to access the RoboRio via SSH, does anyone have a link to the SW or CLI guidebook?


We suspect that we are pegging our CPU during a run and would like to find a way to debug the CPU issue.

The RoboRIO is a Linux box. You can SSH in as “admin”.


You can SSH into the roboRIO using your preferred SSH client. Info on the user accounts can be found here. From there, you can run top like any normal Linux system.


Also, the CPU usage is sent to the Driver Station as well. If you look at the graphs on the right hand side, one of them will show CPU usage in Red. You can also open the Log File Viewer (click the gear) and get all previous logs.

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ssh and top is definitely the fastest one-off solution.

In some years past we’ve accessed the load values at runtime in our code for logging or triggering warnings.

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