Active suspension by Bose

pretty amazing. now if only they sold them… and they made the COTS limits…

My brother in law helped develop this system. I have ridden in it, it is a blast. Bose has been working with various auto companies for a few years to get them to take this on. He has to be tight lipped about it, but stay tuned

When I saw the barrier, the Bose suspension was pretty much the first thing I thought of. We showed that video at an early brainstorming meeting, for inspiration. (For some reason, the students didn’t seem especially impressed. Maybe they were concerned about the availability of fast, powerful electric linear actuators in robot-sized versions.)

robot sized?? why down size? they would HAVE to be impressed by clearing the barrier by a foot right?

Good point. I’ll get right on the fundraising.

I think this is the article from Car and Driver where I first heard about this system.

So in other words, it’s about as powerful as four CIM motors. And 100 Hz is no problem for our controls, right? Anyone want to give it a shot?

Think I will contact brother in law, see what he thinks

Just emailed him, will share what I find out if anything

For further information please see the Bose website, there are some interesting things to see there.
That is all I can say