Activities to explain FIRST to outsiders?

Our team is going to demo our robot for some middle schoolers next week, and one of the mentors from the middle school asked me for some online activities that can help the kids learn about robotics before we come. Does anyone know of some activities like this?


I would review the marketing tools on

Link here: Marketing Tools

There are also a few videos that are exciting to show the students:

Official FIRST YouTube account

What is FRC?

Other ideas:
Have students draw pictures of what they think a robot looks like.
After, show them pictures of FRC robots and robots in the real world.
Have them compare their pictures with the real pictures and explain what they learned just from looking at the images.

Have students write what they think an engineer and scientist does.
After, have them research actual engineering and scientist specific jobs.
Have them compare their writings with the research they did.

Have them do a KWL activity:
Knowledge already: Students write down what they know about robotics, engineering, STEM, etc.
What you want to learn: Students write down questions they have about those topics.
Learned: Students answer each others questions, the people managing the demo can answer their questions, or students can research answers to their questions in order to “Learn” more about it.

Thank you, this helped a lot.