Actual March Madness Group

Drop your brackets here
may be some prizes for top players if enough people join

still have time to add your bracket!!!

Math time

There are 63 total march madness games, with 2 choices for each one, that makes 2^63 possible brackets, that is equal to about 9,223,372,000,000,000,000. But we’re not done there, you also have to take into account the score, lets use the highest ever scoring game, 186. This means you must take your 9.2 Quintilian and multiply it by 187 (gotta count 0), and then you must multiply that by 186 (the teams cannot score the same, and have one win, so one less option than 187)

That is, 320,807,330,000,000,000,000,000 possible brackets.

Current estimates put the global population at 7.53 billion, each person would have to submit 42,603,895,000,000 unique brackets to cover them all. Assuming each bracket took about half a kilobyte of data each to store in its most basic form, it would take 160.4 YOTTAbytes of storage to store them all. Current estimations put the world’s digital storage capacity at just 0.00025 yottabytes which is significantly less than 160.4 by a large, large margin. And thats pretty much all I gotta say on the matter


Wow. I never realized how depressing math can be.

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It do be sometimes

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truly, it do

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