Actual situation

Just would like to know… have your team achieved the amount of money necessary to fund its costs? We are from Brazil, and it’s not being easy to raise our money, but we’re dealing with it, as everybody knows, hard work is necessary. Well, so if you would like to share your team situation, difficulties, suggestions…? :slight_smile: I think that sharing experiences (positive or not) we can help each other, right? :slight_smile:

We are lucky enough to have Baxter pay for most of our expenses. We also host a lego tournament and make around 5k from that, and we have “non-raffel” to sell of some jewlery donated by local jewlers and we make about 5k off that. After the rest of the expenses are put up by students and parents, although it is a minimal amount.

If you need help fundraising, 25 will always be ready to advise you through it. Is this what you’re looking for? After so many years as a team and having such a gracious sponsor, we know fundraising through and through.

hey have you tried writing grants or fundraising that will help tremendously. Dallas 513 OKC,OK.