Actual Team Update #20

Aww, no free classmate repairs…

What’s the point of the strikethrough on the first part? It still says “Portable computing devices may only connect to the DRIVER STATION”, so there’s no ban on it. Just a removal of the limits on how it can connect. Hint of another new control computer with more ports next year?

Unlikely, considering that they don’t make updates to old rules to indicate what they’ll do next year. I never saw a Classmate oriented Lunacy rulebook.

Off topic, but went back and confirmed there was an update every Tuesday since kickoff (along with a few on other days).

Is this consistent with previous years? Obviously lots of discussion about the 2 blank weeks but each Tuesday before that contained actual updates.

They probably didnt want to add “or an Ethernet Port( or a USB/Ethernet adapter)” to a sentence that already had two ‘ors’ :smiley: . The sentence is a much easier read now. That was an annoying rule anyway, who actually prefers to use USB A to A “transfer cables” to network computers? (other than those who bought one because they were told that’s the only way to transfer their files to their new computer)

FYI to all. Ours port has been broke for a long time and all we did was super glue in a short ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the laptop and use a ethernet coupler to connect the new cable to the field. Has worked very good for us.

Wait, I think I just figured out why. They made it legal to make an ethernet network now as long as it’s not the same network as the field

If this ends up being the reason why, then I’m pretty excited for all the possibilities this could offer.

That was always within the rules this year, wasn’t it?

He is talking about a second laptop for dashboard etc… Previously it had to be connected to the USB port on the classmate, now it can be connected to Ethernet.

But only if you want to use the USB->Ethernet adapter for your FMS connection.

The Classmate only has 1 ethernet port and you still can’t put anything but a USB->Ethernet device or a pigtail between the classmate and the FMS cable.

Oh man they aren’t making the 469 strategy illegal, I thought the 20th time would be the charm.:smiley:

Obligatory reminder this has been discussed before, snarky comment regarding poster’s maturity, offhandedly suggest he grows up
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