Actuating Double Roller Intake

How do you CAD and design a pneumatically actuating intake with two rollers like the one 254 did in 2017 or what Team 95 is doing this year?

This is all I got for you. No one is really going to tell you how to design it because the point is that it’s your design. But you know that you want, pneumatic deployment and to have 2ish rollers.

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Trial and error. There is no “real” way to design nor CAD anything. I would suggest using the images and information you have from these teams, and apply it to how you wish to make the design and device work.
There is a reason why 254 does not release their CAD, they want teams to understand the reasoning behind what they do, which comes from trial and error IMO.


For making any pneumatic linkage I have my students watch the excellent 973 RAMP video by @AdamHeard -

This should get you a good starting point to figuring out how to mount the cylinders needed to deploy an intake.


I have used Adam’s video for years. Easily the best one out there I have seen to date.

The RAMP video @AllenGregoryIV linked is how I’ve been designing pneumatic linkages/deployments for years now. It is a good technique arrived at independently by numerous designers and captured well in that video.

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