Actuator begining of match

Can an actuator be extended using pneumatics at the begining of a match to assist with maintaining size? We are thinking about having two long arms but will only be within size limits if we can have an actuator extended at the begining of the match.

Before the match starts, the robot is powered up but disabled. When the match starts the robot is enabled. As long as when you are powered up you have the safe state of the actuator as extended, which just goes into how you control it and pipe it, I’m sure that would be legal. But I would wait for someone to quote a rule, as I don’t have them up right now.

Yes, you can have the actuator extended (or retracted) as you like while in disabled mode when you power up on the field at the beginning of a match.

Just be sure to precharge your tanks before the match, so you have working air pressure. The compressor won’t go on until hybrid mode begins.

Absolutely as long as you fit into the starting size. The cylinder on our gripper last year started extended.