Actuators that are legal for FRC 2015?

I know that FIRST can be picky about electric motors for robots in FRC. We are having difficulty getting 12" Actuators from AndyMark and would like to go with another company and manufacturer. Curious if this 12" Actuator is OK for use in FRC? Seems to be comparable in terms of motor electrical requirements and lift capability of actuator.

You would have to replace the motor with one of the motors listed in Table 4-1 in the manual.
FYI: The actuator you linked to moves at 12mm/second, which is very slow compared to the DART actuators on AndyMark.

+1 on slowness. 12mm/second means it takes 24 seconds to lift a single tote! However, it doesn’t list any kind of gearing or anything, so I would contact them. It could just be the stock motor being slow.
You might want to try belts or chain if it’s just for a simple lift, or try using just a versaplanetary if it’s for rotating an arm. Much easier and lighter than leadscrews or other such actuators.