ad ware

anyone knwo any good programs that remove ad ware. im gettin tired of being asked to buy a stupid webcam. lol.


/me snorts.

Phoenix will, and it’s a better browser…

thanks Jim!

hugs FotoPlasma

FREAKING YES! Debian is the answer to all computer problems.

If you just want to nuke any ad stuff you have right now, grab Ad Aware:

Um. Mozilla, chimera, phoenix, safari, omniweb?

Geez :wink:


Ad-Aware is god. the most ick stuff i’ve had is 100+. recently, not so much, i do it every week.

I use “ad-aware” by “LavaSoft”

It works great. I don’t know the URL but it was in an earlier post.

If you use IE, you can go to internet explorer and disable third party extensions - it helps

otherwise, just be smart and don’t go around installing stuff that pop up and running ad aware once in a while