AD22305 Gyroscope Data Sheet?

The sensor manual gives a link to for information regarding the accelerometer, including the data sheet. Although, this is not the case for the AD22305 Gyroscope. As stated in the sensor manual about the gyroscope, “The datasheet is not available online, but is attached to this document for reference. Please refer to the datasheet for tolerances and other specs” (p.3). There is not a data sheet for the gyroscope attached.

Does anyone know where to find this document? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I thought it would be easy to get it working on labview, since the functions are very self-explanatory, but the indicators doesn’t make sense. So I need the datasheet as well

I tried the example code and it didnt work.
I set the gain at 0.007, as the sensors manual says, I also tried 0.0125 as the sample code.
The “Get angle” function returns a constantly increasing value starting in zero even if I don’t move the sensor… and the “Angular rate” displays a constant value, -1.22something

If I apply a regular get analog function to the gyro, I get 4,6 (volts) and it doesn’t change much no matter if I turn it… the Sensor Manual says it should be around 2,5V, so either there’s something wrong with my wiring or my sensor

Check your wiring. You may have wired up to the “temperature” signal rather than the “rate” signal. I speak from experience, I got similar rusults when I did just that. After rewiring, the labview demo worked great.

Rate is nearest to the edge of the board, Temp is next to it. Your board may be mislabeled, but I thought those boards had a special notice shipped with them.

All working now, thanks guys.
It was just some poor welding

I’d like to work on temperature compensation to improve results, but I can’t find information on temperature effects.

The datasheet has been attached!

The data sheet that Eric just posted has the temperature effects too. The gyro code in the WPI Robotics Library calculates the bias when starting. This means the initial temperature drift is compensated for. Only if you plan to change temperatures without recalibrating the gyro would temperature compensation be needed, in my opinion.