Adafruit BNO055 Library Problem

I have downloaded the driver for the Adafruit_BNO055 from I just have no clue where to put the file on my Mac and I don’t know what I need to do as far as adding a library to my robot eclipse project. I have tried to look through the folder but there is no jar files. Please help!

The driver is written in C++. C++ is not Java.

To use the driver in Java you’ll have to do some things. Actually, a lot of things. It may be easier to literally re-write the library in Java.

Little off topic, but be careful if using the BNO055 on a robot. I heard it has bad drift issues when moving- the onboard AHRS is nice, but only if it works.

I can second this, but I will extend the issue to the AHRS as well. We had large drift issues with the AHRS and have had great success with the NavX and it’s incredible 9-way sensor fusion, as well as CTRE’s brand new Pigeon IMU which works just as well, if not marginally better.