Adam Heard signing off

After twelve seasons with the Greybots, I’m sad to announce that I will be signing off as lead mentor and will instead shift to remote support (with a specialization in backseat driving).

It’s been an incredible experience, and I will miss everything about it.

As always, I’d like to extend a hand of gratitude towards those that shared the journey with me, especially our alliance partners.


Remote support and backseat driving is a great gig; welcome to the club. :wink: Enjoy your new phase, buddy.


We will all miss you! Thank you for teaching all of us so much and inspiring every student of 973. See ya around, and enjoy the blues!

For anyone who didn’t see…


Best of luck in all future endeavors, Adam!

Any chance you could merge the 2 identical threads? Adam Heard signing on

They arent identical, one is him leaving 973, and the other is him joining 254. Adam could’ve combined them, but these are both definetly important topics on their own.

the paragraphs where so identical I didn’t even notice they where different lmao

We hope that 973 can keep it going so well without you… Congrats on so much success and showing how a team can evolve so much during the season.

Your work to the Greybots will never be forgotten, you left an impact that not many can replace or replicate. Thank you for your time to the FRC world and community, and welcome to your new phase as backseat driving (lol).

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