AdamBots 245 Prototype One Wheel, One CIM Shooter

Hey there,
I just thought some of you would be interested in seeing a one-wheel, one-CIM, straight, shooter;

I was impressed with some of the distances we got on it, considering how the first iteration of the prototype performed (that can be seen in our past two videos)

Looking forward to running with whatever you guys have at Palmetto.

  • Sunny G.

Looks awesome! I have just a few questions:

How fast are you driving your CIM motor?
Is that a direct drive to the wheel?
What kind of material do you have on the wall of your shooter? What have you found about this material works really well?
How accurate were your shots from the 54 foot distance?

Thanks a bunch! I can’t wait to see you guys compete this year!

Just wanted to echo Andrew’s question – what is the opposite wall of the shooter made of? It looks like a sort of foam but a lot thicker than I’ve seen on any other shooters.

You guys never dissapoint, nice job.

Finally, another team who made a linear one-wheel shooter that can play with the big boys (and from Michigan no less). Bring home that trophy from South Carolina and we will see you at Troy.

really cool. We’re definitely going to look at the magic behind pneumatic wheels after seeing so many videos of successful pneumo wheel shooters. Can’t wait to see you guys at Palmetto! Don’t think that trophy’s going without a fight though :slight_smile:

I have two more I’d like to add.

At what inflation is the pneumatic wheel?

What is the distance from the wheel’s edge to the opposite end of the shooter (aka what compression is put on the Frisbee)?

Eric Banker

This is a bit late to respond, sorry!

We were shooting from between 40% - 75% (so about 2080RPM to 3900RPM)

Yep, direct drive to the wheel.

We are using PVC pipe there, cut in half. We found that it gets a good enough grip on the disc, while still allowing it to slip through the shooter (hopefully that makes sense! )

We were actually shooting at about 50 feet in the video (the part where we were shooting at the large blue tarp). It was fairly accurate, we made a majority of the shots, all without any RPM management.

Hopefully this answered some of the questions. :slight_smile: Eric, I’ll get to your questions tomorrow, I’ll need to ask some other members about that, as I do not know. Sorry!