- New .. Everything!](

Over the summer I re-designed to a fix-width, simple design that is nice on the eyes. Along with the re-design we changed to MediaWiki from TWiki (much, much better…) and from phpBB2 to phpBB3 (decided to get rid of old posts though…).

Last year, seniors maintained our website and are now gone. We decided to do some major updating considering that our site seemed kind of dull. Among the reconstruction/redesign of the website, below are the updates:
Media Gallery:
SmoothGallery - Preloading, Slideshows, and Very Cool Looking…
Videos Uploaded to
We hope to improve the overall quality of the site before the FIRST season starts and maybe add some new design features (who knows… anything could happen). I also would like to get rid of those dead links that need content (Yea … those red links :ahh:).

If you’re team needs a website or help with the design aspect, I’d be happy to help. I’ve done work for gaming clans as well as Team 245 now. I’m an open-source/free type of person, so there’d be no charge, just send my a nice little PM. :)**MediaWiki/Main Site:Forums:Register Here!**The End:

Very nice, simple design that’s quick to navigate. How many hours were spent to overhaul it?

In total, approximately a week to a week and half (up to 4-6 hrs/day) was put for by me in the overall design of the website and forums. After that, Quentin Sheets spent about 3 days on uploading and converting everything. The process is still on going (checking for failures in conversion, and cross-browser compatibility - small errors in Opera and Safari).

Thanks for the response!