Adambots-Live Linux Makefile -- version 0.1 RELEASE

This is a makefile that can be used as a Linux-replacement for MPLAB.

Parses any MPLAB project containing folder (i.e. default code) and finds all the .c / .h files to compile
Uses WINE in conjunction with mcc18.

It assumes that there’s a /opt/mcc18 folder containing mcc18 in the SAME STRUCTURE as the Windows C:\mcc18.
It requires WINE. I’ve tested with 20040615 and 20040716.
Indent and Fortune are optional, but recommended.
The ifi-pictools or ifi-picloader packages are required to load the code.

Copy this file to the folder containing your code. Issue the following commands to get started:

gunzip [name_of_makefile]
mv [name_of_makefile] Makefile
mkdir .conf .deps
touch .conf/dummy
touch .deps/dummy

At this point, edit the makefile to modify its variables. Excuse the user-unfriendliness… It’ll be improved / autodetected at a later version

Type (make target) to make a target. Possible targets:

(nothing) – Generates FrcCode.hex file by building everything
file.o – Compiles file.o from file.c
clean – Removes compiled files, forces rebuild next time
prettycode – Indents/reformats code.
load – Use picloader to load the Hexfile to /dev/ttyS0
read – Read robot output from /dev/ttyS1 (requires picreader)

Please test & comment.
File bugs at :

File improvements / patches at:

Need help?

You can track the live CVS developments at

0.1 was CVS revision 1.10; there’s always a few hours of ViewCVS lag with sourceforge

I’ll be sure to check this out when I get home today. I would love to get away from my dependence upon windows for programming.

By the way, I was the kid from Team 61 talking to you at Berkley.

Note: Makefile in CVS now expects /usr/bin/picloader_console frontend (percentage display)

Get your copy at

The console frontend still calls the ifi-pictools >=0.4.97 (0.5 beta 1) in the background. You still need the ifi-pictools package!!

Hmm, my Ubuntu Warty system used mawk, under which my awk expression worked. Under Ubuntu-development Hoary branch and apparently on some other distros, the makefile didn’t work because it replaced all c’s with .o! oops!

Corrected in release 0.1.1