adc code problem

I added kevins adc code to his camera code and I followed the instructions he gave. It builds fine but when I download it the operator interface shows a code error. What’s wrong?

If I’m not being specific enough please tell me.

It might help to post the code you changed. I haven’t done anything with the ADC code yet, but if we see your code, we might spot something.

I changed kevin watson’s camera code. The adc modifications are the first things that I’ve done to the code.

Are you sure you did all the modifications (including the ones in user_routines_fast.c)?

If something is wrong with your interrupt service routine in user_routines_fast.c, you’ll get the red-light-o-death.

I’m positive I did all the modifications and I checked to make sure they were correct 5-6 times

You might try posting your code.

Or try the user_routines_fast.c that Kevin posted here: