Add ctre phoenix libraries to jetbrains

Hey there, does anyone know how to add the ctre phoenix libraries to jetbrains (java). I already did this with the Kauai labs libraries for the navx mxp sensor by adding the .jar file but I can’t find it anywhere in the ctre phoenix folders. Help please.

Hi trevCan,
The officially supported IDE for WPILib when using Java or C++ is currently Visual Studio Code. You can find instructions on how to set it up and install the CTRE Phoenix library. More information is also avalible on the new FRC Docs page on VS Code. If you really want to use jetbrains, you might be able to find some details on how to install the library on CTRE’s Phoenix documentation site or CTRE’s github page.
Please post again if you have any more questions!

The best way to this I have found is to use the VS code extension and download the vender deps through the manage vender deps option. Once you do that simply open the same project in IntelliJ and u are good to go. This way u can also update your deps easier by going to vs code and hitting look for updates online.


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