Add F3D to allowed file types?

I ran into not being able to upload an F3D, and having to use an external file host, here. Could F3D be added as an approved file type?


.csv isn’t even an allowed file type…

As long as the files are reasonably small (full field may be too large anyway) I would just put it in a .zip and upload that.

There are a lot of file types used in FIRST, as far as CD is concerned it is probably best to limit what is used and just pass things around in compressed archives.

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It ended up being around 8.4 MB.

The thing about archives is that it’s hard to tell what you’re downloading - it’s a bit like a Pandora’s box. If you can see that the file is an f3d, you know it’s a Fusion file.

I can change the extension (or make it look like any extension) on any file I want, I don’t necessarily know what I am downloading, one of the hazards of the internet.

You can always describe a .zip in the file in filename or forum post.

Or name it “”. Only the last period defines the file extension

I wouldn’t download a zip uploaded by a user on a forum. Way too easy of a vector for malicious files. Even downloading an Excel file from here is sketchy.

I actually prefer a file being stored in cloud storage somewhere (like Google Drive or Box) and linked here. More transparency into the file, and those services add an extra layer of scanning/protection.


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