Add IP Axis Camera Viewer to Smartdashboard

Where did the option go to view the Camera an the Smartdash board for the IP Cameras? Is there a new way?

Should be under View>Add>Simple Webcam or something similar

That option is gone.

That was the old way of doing it. We removed that widget and replaced it with a new widget named MJPG Stream Viewer. Just set the “MJPG Server URL” property to the location of the stream. For most axis cameras that is:


You can also use CameraServer’s addAxisCamera() function, which will add the Axis camera to the drop down list in SmartDashboard’s CameraServer widget. This has one additional benefit: the Axis camera view will work even when the DS is connected via USB (instead of Ethernet), as the CameraServer code on the roboRio automatically creates a low-overhead server that copies the Axis camera stream.

TIL I have an outdated version of SmartDashboard.

Thank you that solved it. Is this documented on the Screen Setup pages? I did look some but it didn’t jump out at me.

Great tip. We often do connect via USB and often miss having the camera available.