Add-on At the Competition

Since we bagged our robot last night, we have switch to our Practice Robot. We was wondering if we can add our pneumatic system when we get to the Competition.

If your pneumatic system will keep your robot underweight, and in itself has less than 30 pounds of manufactured parts, then yes you may.

I believe you can as long as it it is under 30lbs. I would hope it is anyways! :slight_smile:

I believe as long is it does not exceed your withholding allowance you can add to your hearts content.

You are allowed 30 pounds of manufactured parts (things you’ve made yourselves) and unlimited commercial, off-the-shelf parts to do work on your robot at the competition. If you just have a bunch of stock pneumatic parts with no modification, they would count as COTS, unless you have things hooked up already or cut-to-length tubing for your robot, in which case they are considered manufactured.

Note that bumpers do not count towards your 30 pound limit either.