Adding a global variable... where is the structures palette?

Dear CD,
Help!. I am trying to add a global variable following the existing instructions but cannot seem to find the structures palette while I am on the robot global

Thanks for the help in advance.

You don’t have to find a “structures palette”. You just open “Robot Global” and add controls or indicators to the front panel. Now those will be available as global variables in the rest of your program.

So use a GV in say,, while you are in the block diagram just drag from the “Project” the entire Robot Global into the back panel, the result will be a global variable indicator that where you can pick, like a drop down menu, which variable you want to use from RGV.

I agree with above, but for larger projects I think it is a good idea to logically separate your global variables to make them easier to find / manage.

So if you go to the block diagram and right click you should see the palette come up. Structures is in the upper left corner of the programming section. Within that the global will be at the bottom:

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