Adding a robot to xRC

Does anyone know if there is a way to add robots to xRC, and if so, how challenging/time consuming is it? I would like to try and add our 2023 and 2022 robots to xRC to see how hard it was for our driver to use them.

TL;DR - There is no process for uploading your own custom robot to xRC Sim.

The core focus of xRC Sim is around strategy and gameplay, as opposed to being an aid to robot design or programming. For this reason, xRC Sim tends to lean in favor of arcade mechanics and balanced gameplay with a set of robots to choose from that are all carefully balanced so no one robot is too overpowered or underpowered. Allowing custom robots would deviate too much from this core focus of xRC.

There exist other robotics simulators that have different focuses, such as Autodesk Synthesis, which has a focus on being a design tool aid and supports custom CAD models.

You can get involved with the competitive community though here: Discord

As an aside, love the team name. Want to pick y’all every year in FF because it’s one of my favourites <3


Really unfortunate I can’t add any of our team’s bots. Do you know of any other software that would have such a capability?

About the team name: we’re barn2robotics and I don’t think we’ve ever played together. are we being confused with someone else? would love to compete with you guys at worlds tho, you looked like you had a great season

I highly doubt it. @tmpoles you should drop a link to the Fantasy FIRST (FF)* discord for maximum confusion.

*Fantasy FIRST is exactly what it sounds like: Pick an alliance of teams, teams earn points, the most points wins.

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I did not know about fantasy FIRST, sounds fun. If you wouldn’t mind linking the discord I wouldn’t mind taking a look

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Do you know of any other software that would have such a capability?

Check out AdvantageScope, especially Adding 3D Robot Models.


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