Adding another controller

Hi, our team is looking to custom make a controller to work with the human robot controler (like a third flight stick) that’ll control a speed controller output on the robot end. We’re looking to do this without actually adding an additonal flight stick, can anyone offer some directions or suggestions on how this can be accomplished?


How would the human control it if you don’t actually have the hardware? Or am I missing something?

What i get from ur post is that u want a way to control the speed of a motor, but u dont want to use a Joystick.

The joystick uses 2 Potentiometers to give you the values. If you buy a 100K Ohms linear or Normal (Knob like) POT(potentiometer) you can actually control the speed by moving the knob or the linear POT. For instructions on how to wire these POT please do a search there are many threads around.

Please feel free to ask more questions