Adding Award Ceremony Videos to

Something I’ve been wondering about for a while: has pages for each match played at every event, which users can submit YouTube videos for that are then embedded into their respective pages.

For each event there is also a page listing all the awards won by the teams that competed there. Would it be possible to implement the submittal and embedding of footage of events’ award ceremonies into these pages?

For teams that record full field footage of an event’s matches and then post them on TBA, it wouldn’t be that hard for them to record the award ceremonies as well, and I’m sure that there are many teams that already do it, but have no place to share it. For example, 1676 has a video of the 2013 Newton Division Award Ceremony before the Alliance Selections, but there is almost no way that people would know that this is able for viewing.

Watching your team win an award is almost (if not more) exciting than watching your team win a match, and I’m sure many people would be grateful if such an idea could be implemented.

It’s an open source website, is the github. You could either make your own fork with it and then see if they’ll integrate it, or you could give them a feature request.

Great idea! The issue is being tracked here: