adding controls to the dashboard

When tuning the autonomous code, it gets excessively inefficient to have to rebuild and redeploy the code when tweaking scaling factors.
is there a way I can add a control onto the dashboard that can alter a defined variable on the fly?

You don’t have to build and deploy the code every time. When you’re doing development, you can just “run” the Robot Main vi. If you do that, you have the vi front panels available to you on your development computer. Make your scaling factors LabVIEW controls and you’ll be able to tweak them as much as you want while the program is running.

When you have the values you want, you can either replace the controls with constants or use the controls’ popup menu to set the current value as the default.

i’ve tried doing that, but I cant actually control the robot that way.
how do I enable the robot if I just run
the driverstation doesn’t pop up

Just run the FRC Driver Station application. It doesn’t start by default when you log in as the Developer user.