Adding drive encoders to AndyMark Swerve and Steer

Our team has purchased and assembled 4 of the am-3009 modules with CIM drive motors, but now we are looking at adding some encoders onto the CIMs for better control. Is this even possible with the modules and what would you suggest for this?

Moving to Neos would be a great way to do this (also gives you some extra power).

Otherwise, this would probably work:

Sadly, NEOs aren’t really an option for us currently. I was looking at the CIMCoders, I just wasn’t quite sure if there would even be space on the modules to fit them.

This isn’t an officially supported solution, but I have heard many teams doing this with success. You just have to watch out to make sure the key stays engaged in the “pinion”

Are their purchase options for longer pinions compatible with cim motors? Thanks so much.

There is not a longer pinion available. The stock pinion is able to accept less engagement, you just have to be carful to make sure the key stays in the slot and doesn’t ride up into the encoder. I believe positioning the collar clamp and spacer just right will prevent this.

we have experience with the cimcoders in the swerve&steer, and it works fine. add a spacer inside the cimcoder to make sure the woodruff key doesn’t migrate up in there, it’s a pain to get out. make sure the collar is tight, and loctite it.

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