Adding match-settable switches

I don’t see anything in the rules to prevent this, but I’ll ask here just to make sure:

Can we add user-settable switches as “sensors” to allow configuration just before the match when the robot is powered up on the track? Like an on-off switch or the like to do some quick pre-match settings based on current conditions.

Yes, that is completely legal.
I have seen many teams using multiple switches to select their autonomous mode or etc. at the beginning of each match

We use a BCD switch to change autonomus routines right on the field. It allows us 10 different routines.
A little Google magic will give you an idea how they work and how to hook them up.

we use a switch box right at the driver’s station connected to an unused joystick port. Then we can read back which routine is active on the OI display by using the user_defined variable. Besides switchs you can also add variable controls using potentiometers etc…

The inputs are read before the field crew enables the autonomous bit.

Yes, this is legit, and has been done by many teams, both on the robot and on the OI. One exception is that the “current conditions” can’t be the positions of the trackballs, because per <G20>, you are not allowed to touch the robot or the OI between when the balls are placed and the start of the match.

We use 2 rotary switches each connected to joystick axis on an OI unused port. This method has been very successful for us the past few years since we always have a lot of Auto modes (>20) and don’t want to waste digital (button) inputs. This year one switch sets the starting lane while the other selects a routine/command set.

Thanks for the input, everyone. Very helpful.

yes it is legit! we are using a jumper to pick our autonomous codes!! are you using it for auto or for something else?? Cause if it isn’t for auto I am curious as to what you are planning :smiley: :cool:

Mainly as a starting lane selection switch.

The one thing that I believe you will have to be careful about is that there can only be FOUR operations with control from the IR. So you have 4 types but before the match you flip a switch and it changes all of the operations from button presses. That I believ is illegal.

Incorrect. There is no limit to how many different auto modes (set by switches, in this case) you can have. You just need one card for every set of four actions that can be performed. Oh, and make sure you have the right card out.

1075 has used various forms of switches for this in the past. Our newest cool toy for auto-mode adjustment is called a Thumbpot (sorry, no part numbers) that I collected when the local battery plant went belly up. Its basically a 2 digit numerical readout where each digit = x amount of resistance. Hooked up to an analog input, and a 0-1024 = 0-99 conversion formula, I can now make up to 100 different automodes selectable on the field in seconds.

Of course, the amount of automodes one might require in this year’s game is rather limited, so 100 is a bit overkill. Maybe I’ll use it for a top secret function that will prevent traffic jams on the field in hybrid.