Adding members?

I just went to the Florida Regional with 10 members.
My team was wondering if we could go to Atlanta with more people than what we had in the regional?

yes definiately…

ps…1557’s going to atlanta with only 8 students(our first time:D )

we may be the smalled team lol

There is no limit on how many people you can bring to a competition. IF you want to bring more i say bring more, the more the better. You can never have to many people in the stands in Atlanta.

Yeah we’re defiantly looking for people to cheer up in the stands :stuck_out_tongue: But my girlfriend wants to be PART and she was like…shy because she thought it was against the rules but now I can use this to prove her wrong :smiley:

Just remember that any member who didn’t hand in a photo release at the regional will have to get one signed.

Team 1241 once brought their whole school to GTR one time while I wouldn’t recommend that FIRST actually would like for you to bring people to the event so they can spread the word.

The smallest team I’ve ever seen at championships was 3 people. 1 mentor, 2 students. Because of budget reasons some teams have to cut down to the absolute minimum. If you can bring extra people you’re welcome to. Always good to spread the word.

Did she read the manual?

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you as a team. There’s time now for the members who participated in the competition(s) leading up to Atlanta, to help the new members become a part of the team with some training. Also, Atlanta is big and can be overwhelming so it would be helpful to your new team member(s) if one or two of your veterans acted as hosts and helped the rookies be a part of the competition, mentoring them along the way.

Tell your friend that there’s room on a team for shy people who want to learn and to be a part of the experience. It’s awesome, really.

While you can add as many members as you want at any time, in my opinion the smaller the better during the build season. Our team has about 16, and it’s the perfect size. Everyone gets to do a lot of work on the robot.

However, at Atlanta, you want as many people in the stands advertising your team as possible, so get as many people as you can. Whether you’re just bringing siblings or parents or whatever.

Hope this helps.