Adding new field to PathWeaver

I have been trying to import the 2022 game field to PathWeaver and I am miserably failing so far. I added the json file and the image file to my ~/PathWeaver/Games directory.
The new field does not appear in the “Game” dropdown.

I also tried importing the example 2019 game zip file. It doesn’t appear either…
Any hint or suggestion?


I took the 2022 files from PathWeaver/src/main/resources/edu/wpi/first/pathweaver at main · wpilibsuite/PathWeaver · GitHub and put them in ~/PathWeaver/Games/2022 folder and it loaded for me.

Per Adding field images to PathWeaver — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Games are loaded from the ~/PathWeaver/Games on Linux and macOS or %USERPROFILE%/PathWeaver/Games directory on Windows. The files can be in either a game-specific subdirectory, or in a zip file in the Games directory. The ZIP file must follow the same layout as a game directory; the JSON file must be in the root of the ZIP file (cannot be in a subdirectory).

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The 2022 subdirectory made the trick!

We went to download from that link which resulted in us not understanding how or what to download from the examples. When we right-clicked on it and downloaded the JSON file it did not work. No new games are showing up within our PathWeaver. Any advice would be appreciated.

This thread was started 2 months ago. Now it’s much simpler to upgrade WPILib and get the version of pathweaver that has the 2022 field built in. Especially since it’s required to work with the 2022_v4.0 image that’s required by team update 8.

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