Adding Robot Photos

Every year I forget how to add robot photos to Chief Delphi. Can someone please remind me?

Not sure what you mean by “add robot photos”, but you can just copy-paste an image into a post (at least in the new-not-so-new Chief Delphi).

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If it’s attached to the first post in a thread, in this Category (drag/drop into the post) then it will show up in the category listing:

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Probably related to posting a photo of the robot on TBA?

When I hit reply on my phone there are two little buttons at the bottom that show a computer screen and a box with an arrow. The arrow will allow you to search the files on your phone to upload.

Another, somewhat related question, I’ve been trying to upload to TBA. I posted the photo I want on CD, but when I go to put the web address in it says the page is unsupported. I know it accepts photos from CD (Says so in the instructions) What could I be doing wrong? I’m on my phone, should I do it on a computer instead?

Yes. Thank you!

Anything this complicated, I do on a “real” computer.

Phones are a typical universal tool–they can do a lot of things in a mediocre way.

Yes, I got that message. I think last year I had to wait for my photos to be approved by someone at Chief Delphi before they could be posted at TBA. Is this correct?

I have copied the link from the Chief Delphi photo into TBA, but it says " Uh oh!

Sorry, but we are currently unable to support the URL you submitted. See below for currently supported formats."

Any suggestions?

The URL for the image of your robot is:

but TBA wants to see something like this:

  • Chief Delphi images , like

I forget how to deal with this, sorry. Last year, I was able to make it work.

Adding CD photos to TBA has been broken since the migration to Discourse.

The recommended method is to submit Imgur URLs instead.

(Yes, we need to fix CD photos or deprecate it entirely. Pull requests welcome.)

wow, how did I do it last year? I don’t use imagur

The TBA image is stored on instagram?

We take Instagram and Imgur links, so you must’ve submitted an IG link.

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Thanks, I never use the other services. I don’t use social media a lot. I was able to get an IG account and just use that. I would have kept trying thinking I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the info.