Adding SmartDashboard subtable items to Shuffleboard

We’d like to clean up and organize our SmartDashboard table entries with subtables. e.g.

    SmartDashboard.putNumber("/ramsete/ramsete_B", beta)
    SmartDashboard.putNumber("/ramsete/ramsete_Z", zeta)

but we would still like to at the very least display and ideally modify these parameters from Shuffleboard. However Shuffleboard only seems to allow you to drag in items that are directly in the SmartDashboad top level. (Yet other top level tables like FMSInfo let us drag items like isRedAlliance onto the Shuffleboard.)
Is there a technique that would let us organize our SmartDashboard data in subtables while still being able to drag those values into Shuffleboard? It seems from the documentation that this might only be accomplished by using a separate Shuffleboard tab for each subtable.

I would just suggest building your shuffleboard tabs programmatically, no need to drag them.

Putting things once is pretty straightforward. The documentation for Shuffleboard is pretty okay.

The idea is:

  1. Create a Tab
  2. Add any values – values can be one shot, or be updated frequently.

You can also look at Oblog, which I’ve never used but will organize your stuff for you with language labels.

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Thanks, unfortunately robotpy doesn’t have the shuffleboard library at the moment so I can’t make those calls to wpilib’s Shuffleboard from the robot.
I think we’ll just make a top-level table for the things we want in Shuffleboard and drag in from there instead of putting sub-tables in the existing SmartDashboard table. It’s a simple and it works.

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