Adding things to Content Center


About a year ago I managed to do a test in which I loaded a T-slot template to the Content Center and was then able to use us it in Frame Generator and had the “Insert Frame” command replace my 3D lines with tslot. A little mitering of corners and extensions and voila…robot chassis done.
Since I loaded AIP 2014…the template seems to have vanished and I can’t remember how I got it in there in the first place.
I know I was guided by a “Nate the Intern” video…but I can’t find that as well.
I’d appreciate some help if anyone is familar with my situation.


Here is the link to the Built by Design videos. Very cool videos!

The link to Autodesk Inventor Help for adding shapes to Frame Generator is,

You should still have the necessary data from last year and may only have to add it as per the instructions.

I agree, this is a huge time saver.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

What I’d like to add is 20 mm Tslot. I have the profile that I typically load, and extrude to length then save.

Will I be able to use this profile sketch or do I need to make a part?

From memory I think it has to be a part of nominal length, for example, 1 inch or 10 mm.

When you insert the T-slot from your custom read/ write library the length of the edge or sketch line will determine the length of the new frame member.

I will double-check and post if I find any other solutions.

Funny what you find when you search around! We had a request a few years ago for the frame member of the FIRST chassis at that time. We could not get it added to the Content Center library in time but did create a tutorial.

Here it is,

Again it uses an extruded part.

Thanks Phil, good find.

Now another question, and I can post it in another thread if you think that best.

But does Autodesk have any plans to include plugins that would allow you to import .stl meshes as SOLID editable objects?

I saw mention of AutodeskInventor2013MeshEnabler…but apparently it does not work with 2014.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Solidworks, at least in older offerings, did allow that. At one point I had to bring .stls into SW as solid, and then export them into a file IP could read because I much prefer IP as my working CAD program.

Let me check with some developers on that. Also, there is an Autodesk website called Autodesk Labs which often previews new technology or functionality that eventually finds it way into the product.

Thanks for the instruction…I got the Tslot in and can now use it in the Frame Generator…this will save a lot of time…and I love the miter function.


With reference to the mesh enabler, here is what I have found.

There IS a 2014 version, that is the good news.

Currently it is only available to subscription customers. Here is the link.

I am trying to find out if 2015 will have it included, or if we can get the 2014 version.


Like most poor mentors, I don’t have a subscription so my attempts to download the plug in failed.

If you find any more about it please let me know.

We’ve got a good system set up to 3D scan our parts with the Kinect we all got in the kit a few years ago. It would be great to be able to bring them in, edit them, and then print.

Thanks again,

I have come close to getting access with a few contacts, but we all end up at the Subscription page.

I do have a couple of other “resources” to tap into. Still trying…