additional materials: mylar?

Does the plastic on the list of additional materials extend to mylar?

The plastic listed was suppose to be the basic sheets and strips of plastic. We tried to not over restrict the list, but in some cases we may have been too vague. Plastic is a pretty big catagory. We are pleased to see that you are asking, better to be safe. Although mylar is a plastic, the answer really depends on how you plan on using it. Mylar material used as signage or decoration is okay. So can you tell us what your usage is without giving too much away?

We were considering a container to hold bottles. Think of a cube with a frame for the edges and mylar streched over the faces. If we can’t use mylar then thin (< 1/32") sheets of lexan would probably fit the rules better.

I agree with the 1/32" thick lexan - I’m sure that fits the rules and the mylar is really a stretch. Thanks for question though.