Additional Parts

I found this site, listed on the
It has a variety of additional parts and basically all the info you need to run and operate the EDU bot.
Does anyone know where the additional parts can be purchased?

No one knows of a place?

FIRST and IFI have hinted at a lot of this but, if any of it exists, it’s the best kept secret around.

What kind of additional parts?

There is a lot of stuff available on the IFI website. Is this the stuff you’re looking for?

The ones you listed are the ones that came withe the kit (?) i was thinking of electrical parts like distance sensors (measure distance) … my question is where to get them, because i couldn’t find a place yet…
As i said before they are listed here

That link you show… the same one you sent before… doesn’t really show any specific parts.

Though I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and not familiar with particular sensors, I know sonar and IR rangefinders are available from a variety of sources.

Perhaps… some of the more experienced “SparkE’s” from this website will be better able to help you out.

In the future, if you are going to ask a question on this website, make sure you provide enough information so someone can actually answer it.


Check Acroname for a large set of sensors that are similar/identical to the ones descibed on the CMU site.