Additional useful parts for new FLL teams

Every now and then, my business and FIRST life collide in interesting ways. One of the schools where I run LEGO enrichment classes is planning to add FIRST LEGO League for next year to grow their after-school offerings. It’s a relatively small Title I school, and their LEGO stockpile is small. (Which is good for business, but that’s another topic.)

I’m plotting a care package of extra parts to help them get rolling, but I’m not sure what would be most beneficial for them. What do you raid your old field sets or Bricklink for?

chassis Frame, Panels, extra beams, and gear links are something my team uses very heavily. Also feel free to share my channel with the rookie team if you think my videos will help them. I do alot of tutorials

There is a Facebook group called “FLL: Share and Learn” as well as the official FLL forum where FLL coaches hang out. That’s where I’d suggest to ask.

We’ve generally gotten away with just lots of extra beams, the 5x11x1 panel plates, a variety of wheels (they seem to spend a lot of time testing wheels each year), and the 5x7 and 5x11 liftarm frames. And lots of spare pins (cheap but always needed). And extra axles in a variety of sizes.

There are a lot of interesting specialty parts as well. We keep some of the train weights on hand since they are useful for reducing wheel slippage.

I guess there is a new Lego robot out that has some interesting (large and colorful) frames as well. I’m retiring from being an FLL coach after our final competition in a few weeks, but I am tempted to pick one up for one of the teams that the FRC team will surely mentor next fall. For “testing”, you know.

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