ADIS 16470 LabVIEW Driver - 2022 install package and Auto SPI workaround

Here is a ADIS 16470 driver for LabVIEW. It contains an install package for FRC 2022 (LabVIEW 2020).

It also has a work around for the FPGA Auto SPI Issue. Set the “Register Read Mode” option on the Open VI to TRUE to use this bypass. I understand that a release for this problem may be released shortly. (When it is, just set the Open option to False to revert to the Auto SPI mode.

The source and install package can be found here.

Similarly there is also a driver for the ADIS 16448 here.

I suspect you made this after realizing the previous drivers were pretty version specific and it install process isn’t exactly intuitive for students.

I’d expect these drivers to be included with the AutoSPI fix coming out shortly and be included with the “LabVIEW Update” installed with the FRC Game Tools moving forward.

AutoSPI is working in the v4 image released on Thursday. The ADI VIs and examples were also pulled into the WPILib distribution.

Great. Thank you!

You are welcome, but there is a small issue that was overlooked.
The example code doesn’t use the registry set or get, and thus the ADI 470 typedef changed and the three instances weren’t updated.
If you are using the registry, the typedefs on the subVI will look grayed out. Right click on them, click Approve All and Apply.

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