ADIS16448 getRate() no longer available

Last year we used the ADIS16448 using the following to do an online install of the libraries and following the trajectory tutorial we implemented a drive subsystem like Step 3: Creating a Drive Subsystem — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation and in particular there was a method that needed to be implemented getTurnRate() and last year there was a method directly on the IMU object that we called _imu.getRate()

This year, I’m finding that installing using the online installer json file is not working very well with the 2022 software, but I also found that the code there is getting incorporated into WPI libs that can be imported from here edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.ADIS16448_IMU; which it’s great that this is getting built into the WPI libs, but I found that there is no getRate() method on the WPI libs version for this IMU. I checked out the library code for the ADIS16470, and it looks like even if we upgraded to that gyro, it also doesn’t have a getRate() method

Is this something that will be added soon and just isn’t there yet, or does it need to be calculated a different way now?

getRate will be in the next wpilib update. Currently neither adis gyro works due to a bug in the NI image. We will be shipping the wpilib update at the same time as the new image.

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Any ETA on the new update/image?

getRate() should be in WPILIb already. ADIS16448_IMU (WPILib API 2022.2.1)

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