ADIS16448 not getting angle with the new roboRIO image

Comparing the ADIS16448 with the ADIS16470 we noticed that the 16448 is not working, we tested both of them with the same code, the 16470 worked perfectly but the 16448 its returning a 0 angle (we are using the respective libraries of each imu).

PD: We already updated Wpilib too

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Only difference is the rio image/can’t be a faulty sensor?

We’ve confirmed the 16448 is currently broken in Java. We’re looking into it.

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Theres a workaround for the issue. When you create the gyro, use

new ADIS16448_IMU(ADIS16448_IMU.IMUAxis.kZ, SPI.Port.kMXP, ADIS16448_IMU.CalibrationTime._1s);

intead of the parameterless constructor.




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I thought I had tested all 3 gyros in both languages, but I must have missed that one. We will have the default constructor fixed in the next update, but at least there is a workaround for now.

It worked, but after a certain amount of time, it stops returning information and it just freezes, do you know if it has to do with the gyro being broken in Java?
We tried with two 16448 and both had the same problem but the 16470 doesnt have this problem.

That shouldn’t be. The Java break was an initialization only issue. Once it’s past that point it should be identical to previous years.

Did you ever figure this out? We have the same issue where it works for a while, then freezes until the robot is completely restarted. Multiple 16448’s have this issue.


Nope we dont really know what is happening, we are currently using the 16470 imu

We haven’t released a fix yet. It might be relevant for your issue.

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