ADIS16448 opencv_java344 dependency missing

I’m trying to implement the Analog Devices ADIS16448 IMU, and I’m getting this error when I try to deploy the code on the RoboRIO. opencv_java344 could not be loaded from path or an embedded resource.
From looking at this issue on Juchong’s Github, I realized that this is most likely a problem with the 2019 build specifically and that this would be fixed by using the 2020 build.
How would I go about implementing the 2020 library as a dependency instead of the 2019 library?

The 2020 release hasn’t been released yet. You would need to wait until the 2020 release for that gyro is released.

We focused updating the ADIS16470 library first before the ADIS16448 because it is a newer high-performance sensor with newer features. We’re encouraging teams still using the ADIS16448 IMU to take a look at the ADIS16470 on FIRST Choice and consider upgrading, since many of the new features in the library this year aren’t available on the ADIS16448. Those libraries are all completed and available on Github. I’ve linked the announcement thread that summarizes all of the improvements.

Documentation updates are also in progress on

@alexdecorte Hi Alex, just to follow up, I finished updating the Java driver for the 448 this evening. The maven repositories have also been updated, so please try rebuilding your code again and let me know if you run into issues!


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