Team 854, Iron Bears are trying to use this IMU to get the yaw and pitch angles using Java

The Analog Devices documentation seems to suggest this should be possible.

The wpilib javadoc ADIS16470_IMU (WPILib API 2023.3.2)
seems to say that only the yaw angle is available using the getAngle() method.

There is a method to change the yaw axis setYawAxis(axis), and we are guessing that could be used like this.

x = getAngle();
y = getAngle();
z = getAngle();

Does anyone have experience getting multiple axes off the ADIS16470 using Java?

Look into getXComplementaryAngle() and getYComplementaryAngle(). My understanding, not having tested it myself yet, is that these functions will get you the angles you are looking for.

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